Gender in transport and mobility

Gender issues in mobility and transport have been identified by research for several decades now. However, the consideration of these issues in transport and mobility projects is very recent and still relatively limited. For some years now, CODATU has been working on this topic through a working group to find ways to better take gender issues into account in its activities.

CODATU considers three axes to describe gender issues in the transport and mobility sector:

-The fight against gender violence

-The feminisation of the mobility and transport sector and its professions

-The provision of transport systems adapted to women’s mobility

CODATU has had the opportunity to contribute to knowledge sharing in the field, for example by conducting a survey and participating in or organising round tables. CODATU is also involved in mainstreaming gender activities in its technical cooperation and other activities, including through specific workshops.

Main documentary references

Participation et organisation of events

Webinar CODATU “Improving women’s access to and experience of transport systems”, January 2022, disponible ici  (en anglais)

Sustainable Mobility and Climate Week 2022, parallel session ”Gender and Mobility: Gender issues in mobility in cities of the South, how to act (well)?” , more information here . (in French)

eMag Climate Chance, “Mobility et sustainable transport in Africa”, June 2022. Intervention of CODATU on gender issues in transport systems in African cities and CODATU’s projects that attempt to address them. Find the webinar here.

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