7 November 2015

EASTS – New publications and Call for contributions

(Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies)

have three announcements:


(1) Publication of Asian Transport Studies [ONLINE ISSN: 2185-5560] (Vol. 3, No. 4)

It has been published on the following URL: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/eastsats. Asian Transport Studies (ATS) is an international journal published under the supervision of EASTS. ATS aims at providing useful insights into solving Asia-specific transport-related issues from both theoretical and practical perspectives. It treats all types of transport modes and all issues in transport sector.

(2) Publication of ATS Vol. 4 – No. 1 & 2 – respectively in March and September 2016 [Vol.4, No. 1]

  • Title: An Analysis of Metro Manila MRT-3 Passengers’ Perception of Their Commuting Experience and Its Effects Using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)- Authors: Andra Charis MIJARES, Mio SUZUKI, Tetsuo YAI
  • Title: Time Use of Urban Poor and Rural Poor on Activity and Travel in Gujarat, India: Similarities and Differences. Authors: Makoto CHIKARAISHI, Arnab JANA, Ronita BARDHAN, Akimasa FUJIWARA
  • Title: Road Network Evaluation from Reliability Perspective: An Accessibility and Network Closure Vulnerability Approach. Authors: Ramesh POKHAREL, Hitoshi IEDA
  • Title: State of the Art of Paratransit Literatures in Asian Developing Countries Authors: Veng Kheang PHUN, Tetsuo YAI
  • Title: Disentangling the Young Adults’ Residential Relocation Choice in Japan. Authors: Yubing XIONG, Junyi ZHANG
  • Title: Multi-Agent Simulation for Promoting Clean Energy Vehicle Considering with Concern for Environment and Local Interaction. Authors: Masashi OKUSHIMA
  • Title: Comparison of Activity Type Identification from Mobile Phone GPS Data Using Various Machine Learning Methods. Authors: Lei GONG, Toshiyuki YAMAMOTO, Takayuki MORIKAWA
  • Title: Exploring Self-Containment of Discretionary Activities in an Aging Newtown of Japan Based on a Destination Choice Model with Social Network Effects. Authors: Thi Anh Hong NGUYEN, Makoto CHIKARAISHI, Hajime SEYA, Akimasa FUJIWARA, Junyi ZHANG
  • Title: A Similarity-based Self-evolutionary Model for Railway Arrival Forecasting. Authors: Tsung-Hsien TSAI
  • Title: Impact Assessment Model of International Transportation Infrastructure Development: Focusing on Trade and Freight Traffic in Central Asia. Authors: Satoshi TANABE, Ryuichi SHIBASAKI, Hironori KATO
  • Title: Analysis of Vulnerability in Multinational Retailing Delivery Service System: A Case Study of FamilyMart and Circle K. Authors: Yu-Kai HUANG, Cheng-Min FENG
  • Title: Failure of Transit-Oriented Development from a Perspective of Quality of Life in Bangkok. Authors: Kazuki NAKAMURA, Fumei GU, Vasinee WASUNTARASOOK, Varameth VICHIENSAN, Yoshitsugu HAYASHI
  • Title: Evaluation of Inter-Regional Transportation Network Considering Multi-Mode Route Alternatives. Authors: Takuya WATANABE, Munenori SHIBATA, Takamasa SUZUKI
  • Title: Short-Notice Bus-Based Evacuation under Dynamic Demand Conditions. Authors: Asif Nawaz QAZI, Kazuaki OKUBO, Hisashi KUBOTA
  • Title: Life Cycle Cost Estimation for Building, Operating, and Maintaining High-Speed Rail with Optimized Technical Options. Authors: Etienne Le MAOUT, Hironori KATO
  • Title: Analysis of Critical Gap based on Pedestrian Behaviour at Unprotected Mid-block Crosswalks. Authors: B Raghuram KADALI, Vedagiri PERUMAL
  • Title: A Simulation Study on Sustainable Market Design for Short-trip Rideshare Based on Bipartite Matching in Village Community. Authors: Hirofumi YOTSUTSUJI, Kuniaki SASAKI, Mitsuho MARUYAMA [Vol.4, No. 2]
  • Title: Dynamic Journey Time Estimation in Stochastic Road Networks with Uncertainty. Authors: Qiong TANG, Xingang LI, William H.K. LAM, H.W. HO
  • Title: An Analysis of Partially Signalized Roundabout using SIDRA6 Software. Authors: Hong Ki AN, Wen Long YUE, Branko STAZIC
  • Title: Automatic Traffic Incident Detection Algorithm for Both Rain and No-Rain Conditions. Authors: William H.K. LAM, Mei Lam TAM, Xiangmin LI
  • Title: Development and Validation of a Roundabout Entry Capacity Model Considering Pedestrians under Japanese Conditions. Authors: Nan KANG, Nobuto KANBE, Hideki NAKAMURA, Shinji ODAKA
  • Title: System Partition of Urban Arterials Based on Bandwidth Maximization. Authors: Xiaojun TANG, Fengmin LAN, Shengchuan ZHAO, Lihui ZHANG
  • Title: Traffic Characteristics of Mixed Traffic Flow in Urban Arterials. Authors: K. I. WONG, Tzu-Chang LEE, Yen-Yu CHEN
  • Title: A Factor Analysis of the Traffic Accident Frequency by Type in Japanese Major Road Sections. Authors: Kazuki WATANABE, Hideki NAKAMURA
  • Title: Development of a Driving Risk Model based on Speed Choice: A Case Study for Evaluating Safety Effects of In-Vehicle Traffic Warning Information. Authors: Wonchul KIM, Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA
  • Title: Estimation of PET and Threshold Wait Time for Pedestrians on Busy Urban Corridor in Heterogeneous Traffic Environment: An Experience in Kolkata. Authors: Anush Konayakanahalli CHANDRAPPA, Kinjal BHATTACHARYYA, Bhargab MAITRA
  • Title: Analysis of Factors Affecting the Severity of Motorcycle Casualties in Phnom Penh Using Bayesian Approach. Authors: Sam Ath SARM, Kunnawee KANITPONG
  • Title: Drivers’ travel information styles and adaptation behaviors to dynamic travel information about accidents on expressways. Authors: Ying JIANG, Junyi ZHANG
  • Title: A Study of Metro Manila’s Public Transportation Sector By Implementing A Multimodal Public Transportation Route Planner. Authors: Chelcie NARBONETA, Kardi TEKNOMO

(3) Call for contributions to ATS (Asian Transport Studies)

  • ATS Volume 4 Issue 3 (publication in March 2017): “Built environment and transportation in Asian megacities”
  • ATS Volume 4 Issue 4 (publication in September 2017): “Advancement in traffic safety studies: From theory to practice”

For more details, please refer to: https://www.easts.info/publications/ats.html.

If you have any questions, please contact EASTS at the following address: isc@easts.info.