28 March 2024

Creation of the International Passenger Transport Training School (EFIMTV)  

CODATU aims to boost the training of urban and interurban transport drivers in Africa.

The aim is to train bus, coach and tramway drivers within the framework of an organisation that meets European standards.

As well as helping local drivers to improve their skills, this organisation would offer the possibility of temporary mobility to France, which would go some way to meeting the massive recruitment needs of French public passenger transport operators.

This initiative, which should be part of the 2024 immigration law, is a real “win-win” opportunity to meet the recruitment challenges of passenger transport operators, while promoting the professional development of African drivers.

First training courses at the end of 2024

The project aims to scale up gradually depending on the results obtained, but the medium-term objective is to train 3,000 drivers, including 20-30% female drivers per year.

The first school would be set up in Madagascar, where CODATU is already in contact with the local authorities, who have expressed strong interest in the initiative. Eventually, 2 or 3 schools would be deployed in Africa, to cover a huge need. Initially, the aim would be to set up training courses in driving skills, followed by training in operations and maintenance.

A new tool for development aid in the South

CODATU proposes to mobilise existing international development aid mechanisms to the maximum. The support of Northern territories for such a programme, through decentralised cooperation (mobilisation of the 1% mobility budget of the public transport authorities, excluding the Mobility Tax), would directly benefit the public transport service for which they are responsible.

Established in Africa, the school would offer a training programme based on European standards, defined and adapted in conjunction with French operators and public transport authorities.

A tool that brings together many stakeholders for a common project

The school would not be able to function properly in its early stages without the support, backing and participation of the French and local authorities, financial backers, passenger transport operators, local authorities responsible for mobility and training operators. François Durovray, Chairman of CODATU, has already begun the process of raising awareness and mobilising all these partners.