14 January 2020

[Cooperation Colombia] The experience of international cooperation

In February, CODATU launched a technical cooperation in Cali, Colombia, on metropolitan governance of public transport. In partnership with the French Development Agency AFD (through FEXTE funding), the cooperation aims to support local authorities in the implementation of a « Regional Transport Authority » (RTA) in the metropolitan area of Cali. The cooperation is part of a broader context of strategic mobility projects for the region currently in development supported by the French Embassy in Colombia and the AFD through FASEP and FFEM funding : the local train linking Cali and the neighboring municipalities (the project is currently in prefeasability stage, conducted by SYSTRA) and the « Corredor Verde » project which promotes soft mobilities and urban renovation alongside the railway in Cali.

Romane Jannin is a student of the Master in Urban Network Services at Rennes Institute of Political Studies. She worked as an intern at CODATU based in Colombia between June and August of 2019.

Romane participated in many activities such as cualitative investigation, organization of technical workshops, coordination meetings with local partners, etc. She was particularly interested in the strenghtening of networks between stakeholders of the secotr of sustainable mobility at international scale, the necessary adaptation to the local context, the technical, cultural, social and political issues at stake in urban mobility projects. She also underlined the communication challenges that arise from the development of projects conducted by international teams present in several continents.

CODATU invites you to read her full report on the experience of her internship at Codatu. You can download it at the following link (in french) :