6 April 2017

CODATU’s board in Kochi and Hyderabad!

week of 13th March 2017, the board of CODATU visited India to conclude the two-year Techincal Cooperation between SYTRAL, AFD, CODATU and Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) and visit the venue for the upcoming joint conference UMI-CODATU XVII in Hyderabad.

A last workshop to conclude the Technical Cooperation with Kochi and introduce MobiliseYourCity

During those two years of Technical Cooperation, seven workshops have been organized around (i) the institutional integration, through the creation of a Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMTA) in Kochi, (ii) the opportunity of a mass rapid transit project to improve the urban atmosphere and rethink the place given to pedestrians, (iii) the intermodal integration and the reoganisation of the existing bus network, and finally (iv) the challenge of Operating and Maintaining efficiently a mass transit system.

For this last workshop, CODATU and KMRL had the pleasure to welcome Ms. Annie Guillemot, President of SYTRAL, M. Raymond Deschamps, General Director of SYTRAL, and Ms. Olivia Vansoen, in charge of International Relations at SYTRAL. After half-a-day of site visits of the Metro Stations, the depot and the Operation Control Centre (OCC), the workshop focused on three themes which are at the heart of KMRL current preoccupations:

  • The development of an ITS strategy (Intelligent Transport System), enabling intermodal integration and improving the customer experience and ability to find his/her way in the network;
  • The reduction of GHG emissions by the transport sector, through an investment into electric mobility (Bus, Tram, Cycles) and the implementation of strict measures to control car traffic in areas which are served by Public Transport;
  • The development of a medium-capacity public transport network which comes as a complement of the metro network and constitutes the backbone of Kochi Public Transport network (BRT, Tram);

Partnership certificate Handing-over ceremony

During the closing session, CODATU summarized the main outputs of the technical cooperation and officialized the entry of Kochi into the ‘MobiliseYourCity‘ program. On this occasion, a partnership certificate was handed-over to Ms. Soumini Jain, Mayor of Kochi, and Mr. Elias George, Managing Director of KMRL. The program shall start in the coming months.



CODATU’s board visits the venue for UMI-CODATU XVII Conference

20170318_103218The visit of CODATU’s board in New Delhi and Hyderabad has fast-tracked the organization of the joint event, with meetings with the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and the Institute of Urban Transport (IUT), and a detailed visit of the “Hyderabad International Convention Centre” (HICC), a world-class conference centre located at the heart of the HITEC city.

CODATU, IUT and the MoUD are all set for a successful event, and are looking forward to your presence!