12 October 2017

CODATU in Torres Vedras (Portugal) for the project GoSUMP and CIVITAS Forum 2017

in Torres Vedras (Portugal) for the project GoSUMP and CIVITAS Forum 2017

Launched in 2016 in the frame of the european program Interreg-Med, the project GoSUMP, which aims to improve the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) in the Mediterranean, was the subject of a steering committee on september 25 in Torres Vedras, Portugal, with all the its partners, among which CODATU is part, as well as Malaga City Council, Eurocities, Medcities, and Unimed. Within a thematic community “Urban Transport in the Mediterranean”, the project GoSUMP aims to create synergies between the european stakeholders in the Mediterranean basin, and capitalize and disseminate the results of different sustainable mobility projects of the Interreg-Med program, and particularly the 6 projects SUMPORT, CAMPSUMP, LOCATIONS, MOBILITAS, MOTIVATE, et REMEDIO.

This meeting was followed by a community building day with the 6 aforementionned projects, through thematic workshops stimulating the exchanges.

The three days of the CIVITAS Forum that followed afterwards were the occasion for promoting the global initiative and of each project, particularly with a stall during the exhibition of the Deployment Day, but also through interventions during the several conferences organized throughout the event, among an audience close to 500 participants, experts and professionals of mobility coming from all Europe.

This year, the exchanges organized during the CIVITAS Forum were structured on the theme ‘Small Community, Big Ideas”, and were also the occasion for all the participants to discover local initiatives, with sites visites (below, the presentation of the bike sharing system of Torres Vedras with a visit of the city by bike).