19 April 2024

Codatu in Peru: leading the online workshop on drawing up SUMPs

On Thursday 4 April 2024, Jean-Marc Mirailles, Codatu’s senior expert in transport and urban mobility, took part in the first virtual workshop “How are sustainable urban mobility plans drawn up? for Peruvian cities.

After a brief introduction to the concept of sustainable planning, Jean-Marc Mirailles gave an exhaustive account of the key stages and issues involved in drawing up a sustainable urban mobility plan: preparation and diagnosis; development of the vision; formalisation of objectives and forward-looking scenarios; formulation of the action plan; implementation and monitoring of implementation.

The online activity concluded with the presentation of instructions for a practical exercise focusing on the development of a vision for SUMP. This exercise, designed to familiarise participants with the key stage of conceptualisation, will be carried out in groups by participants from each city over the coming weeks.

This workshop is part of the first ‘Mobility and urban transport planning’ module of the capacity-building programme for local authorities, developed by Promovilidad in coordination with the German Development Cooperation, implemented by GIZ ConoSur, and the Swiss Cooperation SECO, through the ‘Support for the implementation of the national urban transport policy in Peru – Cities on the move’ CIMO Project. This support from Codatu to Promovilidad is provided within the framework of the technical cooperation established between the French Agency for Development, the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications and Codatu.