5 November 2018

CODATU Board met in La Rochelle

CODATU Board Meeting took place on October 6 2018 in La Rochelle. It was a great opportunity to discuss the multi-year program “CODATU 2020” -which will be published later- and to refine the CODATU strategy, thanks to the involvement of its members. The current and future projects of the association were reviewed including the 2020 Conference “CODATU XVIII” in Dakar, other current projects in Senegal, the MobiliseYourCity initiative, the call for the Alliance of Northern and Southern Cities and the lobbying in favour of the creation of the “1% Transport“.

CODATU also reaffirmed the importance of city-to-city cooperation to support sustainable urban mobility in Southern cities. Thus, the association encourages the Urban Transport Authorities to join the discussion about city-to-city cooperation and the “1% Transport”, notably by coming at the GART’s “International Commission”.

The GART’s “International Commission” will be held on Thursday, 7 February 2019 from 10 a.m. until 17 p.m. at the GART’s Headquarters, 22 rue Joubert, 75009 Paris, France