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The EcoMobility World Festival is an opportunity for a city and its citizens to experience an automobile-free lifestyle for a month. The project aims to transform a neighborhood of a city into a car-free area and thus give the experience of an ecomobile lifestyle to the residents of this neighborhood.

The EcoMobility World Festival 2015 will take place in Sandton, Johannesburg – the vibrant heart of South Africa – in October. The Festival will offer a view of the City in the future, with active street life and social inclusivity, served by a sustainable transport system.

The Festival will enable residents and visitors from across the globe to experience what a future, car-free precinct would look and feel like.
A core part of the Sandton CBD use will be closed for regular traffic for the duration of the Festival. Residents, workers, the business community and visitors will, however, have full access to the entire precinct through expanded public transport and arrangements to encourage cycling and pedestrian activities.

A comprehensive traffic management plan is in place to minimise the temporary impact of disruptions and to keep the public informed about alternative arrangements. The decision to host the Festival was taken following technical studies and a comprehensive process of consultation with stakeholders and it enjoys the support of organised business.

5th to 9th October:

EcoMobility Dialogues 2015 and introduction of MobiliseYourCity

CODATU will be part of the EcoMobility Dialogues organized by ICLEI and Joburg Municipality. The dialogues will include the Leaders Roundtable on Transport and Climate Change. which will produce the “Declaration on Low-Carbon Urban Transport” for the UN Climate Conference in Paris (COP21) in December 2015. This Declaration will send a strong signal from leaders of cities with advanced and innovative policies on sustainable urban mobility to the COP21. The Declaration will reinforce local commitments to transform their transportation systems and mobility patterns towards models that reduce automobile dependency and become more sustainable, low-carbon and people centered. The motion of the Declaration’s supporters will be towards increasing walking, road safety, cycling, and public transport, and pushing for new EcoMobility opportunities. These dalogues will also be the opportunity for CODATU to introduce MobiliseYourCity.

ICLEI Joburg

For more information on the EcoMobility Dialogues 2015, visit the page dedicated to the event.