9 July 2014

CODATU at Forum CIVITAS, 23-26 September 2014 Casablanca (Morocco)

Casablanca will be the first non-european city to hold the CIVITAS Forum annual conference that will take place from 23rd to 26th September 2014 on “Urban
mobility and social inclusion – Planning accessibility for more sustainable cities
“. The choice of Casablanca as hosting city seals the cooperation between the CIVITAS Initiative and the Euromed Road, Rail and Urban transport project. The successfull organisation of the Conference which is still in progress has been made possible thanks to the support of the City of Casablanca and its local transport partners.

casablanca tramway_février 2014

Casablanca tramway was inaugurated in December 2012

In the field of the EuroMed RRu project activity, CODATU contributes to the Forum by organising a special session on “Cooperation initiatives for urban sustainable mobility in the Mediterranean Region“. This session aims at enhancing differents forms of partnership, acitivities and resultats of cooperation project between norther and southern cities, but also south-south cooperation.

The session, organised and moderated by CODATU in collaboration with Euromed RRU, will be focused on the moroccan case as well as initiatives carried out in and with other Countries of the mediterranean region.

For more information about the programme please visite the Forum CIVITAS conference website.


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