The 25th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 25) has just concluded in Madrid. CODATU was represented by Vincent Larondelle, responsible for monitoring, evaluation and communication of the MobiliseYourCity Partnership.

CODATU in particular was presented during a session the Action Hub mentioned Sustainable urban mobility platform for Latin America presenting for local actors having access to the information, expertise and documentation necessary for the development of their policies of mobility. CODATU’s long-standing commitment to this end was highlighted and the resources available were presented, in particular technical publications and communities of practice. French-speaking participants were invited to participate in the MOOC Sustainable Mobility in Africa, which will soon be launched on the France Digital University platform, and all participants were invited to the Bogota 2020 and Dakar 2020 conferences organized by CODATU.
One of the key objectives of COP 25 was to raise the level of general ambition for the full realization of the Paris Agreement signed at COP21. Transport, which today accounts for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions, but a small part of the mitigation efforts undertaken, should nevertheless play a major role in the ecological transition.
In addition to being a climate issue, transport and urban mobility are at the heart of citizen concerns. The relocation to Madrid of COP25, originally planned for Chile, caused by the riots that shook the country following the increase in public transport prices, is a poignant reminder. Indeed, “sustainable mobility is a major issue for social stability, and intervention on this very sensitive factor requires preparation and precautions: strategic plan; transparency; participatory, inclusive and proactive approach; monitoring of investments and impacts over time ”[1].
These needs are in line with other COP25 priorities, notably transparency, financing, capacity building, for more ambitious climate action, and to enable […] developing countries to make their economies greener and […] more resilient [2].
Giving countries and cities the tools and means to decarbonize urban mobility to build more inclusive, safe and sustainable cities, this is the raison d’être of the MobiliseYourCity Partnership, present this year at COP25 and of which CODATU is a founding member . The MobiliseYourCity Partnership, which today has nearly a hundred members, including 61 cities and 13 national governments, offers a systemic approach to planning sustainable mobility, using two main tools, national mobility policies and / or programs urban (PNMU) and sustainable urban mobility plans (PMUS), which serve as a basis for promoting investment and developing attractive mobility services. The MobiliseYourCity Partnership acts as a funding platform by connecting multilateral and bilateral technical and financial partners with cities and developing countries, which are committed to ambitious objectives to decarbonize and improve their urban transport.
CODATU plays a leading role in the MobiliseYourCity Partnership, both as a technical partner and as a coordinating and implementing actor.

[1] Tristan Laurent Morel, conseiller technique au secrétariat de MobiliseYourCity

[2], La COP25, tremplin pour une ambition climatique renforcée, Bonn/Madrid, 29 novembre 2019