2 May 2024

CODATU and MobiliseYourCity: A Dynamic Collaboration for Sustainable Urban Mobility

Since its inception in December 2015 during COP21, the MobiliseYourCity Partnership has spearheaded global efforts for sustainable urban mobility planning and policy development in developing and emerging economies. As an implementing partner and founding partner of the Partnership, CODATU has been a key actor in this initiative from the beginning.

With five dedicated staff members stationed at the MobiliseYourCity Global Secretariat in Brussels and through various technical assistance projects, CODATU plays a pivotal role in various projects across Madagascar, Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon, and Senegal. Alongside esteemed partners like the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), MobiliseYourCity works tirelessly to develop scalable solutions that enhance mobility in diverse and complex urban environments. Every year, the results of the MobiliseYourCity partnership and its allies worldwide can be read in their Global Monitor, whose latest version has just been released! In the report, you will find the most important updates from 2023 and the future plans to make sustainable mobility more accessible.

Exploring the report, you will read about CODATU and MobiliseYourCity’s joint initiatives, like the recent training sessions in Peru to empower governments and stakeholders to embrace sustainable urban mobility practices. In addition to capacity building and peer exchanges, MobiliseYourCity fosters innovation through research-action pilot projects. For instance, following the Douala SUMP, a forthcoming initiative is planned. CODATU will support enhancing moto-taxi services through data-driven strategies and regulatory frameworks. By leveraging GPS trackers, interviews, and direct observation, this project exemplifies the practical approach adopted by MobiliseYourCity and CODATU to address urban mobility challenges.

Furthermore, regional forums and community of practice meetings provide valuable knowledge-sharing and collaboration platforms. Recent gatherings in Latin America and the Caribbean, hosted alongside the CODATU Regional Forum on Sustainable Urban Mobility, allowed the MobiliseYourCity Community of Practice to meet and exchange among local and national governments, showcasing innovative projects and fostering cross-border learning.

Read more about CODATU’s involvement in the MobiliseYourCity Partnership in the Global Monitor 2024.

For more, download the Global Monitor 2024 here.