25 September 2016

Climate Chance in Nantes: CODATU steers the Mobility and Transport forum and showcases MobiliseYourCity

Chance is a world-class summit where non-state actors mobilised against climate change will meet in Nantes from 26 to 28 September. In addition to conferences, forums and workshops, participants will join forces to deliver a common message to the climate negotiators, two months before COP22 that will take place in Morocco mid November 2016.

CODATU steers the Mobility and Transport Forum

After the World Summit Climate and Territories which took place last year in Lyon (France), the organizing team renewed their faith in CODATU since we will be in charge of the organisation of the Mobility and Transport forum. For two hours, transport experts, civil society representatives, private sector representatives as well as local leaders will present different scenarios envisaged to decarbonise the transport sector, the urban transport initiatives that emerged from the LPAA (Lima to Paris Action Agenda) during COP21 and show concrete and ambitious actions implemented by non-state actors to reduce GHG emissions in the sector.

The output of the forum will consist in delivering a roadmap on how to decarbonise transport to the UNFCCC. The document can be accessed here and all comments / suggestions for modification are welcome and will be included in the final version.

  • Location: La Cité, Nantes Congress Centre, room 200
  • Date: 27 September, 10.00-12.00 am

A focus on MobiliseYourCity

In addition, later the same day, CODATU will organise a Focus on MobiliseYourCity: the focus aims at presenting the initiative, the progress made so far in terms of mobilisation of partners, structuring and governance, as well as fund raising. Partners of the initiative will present activities carried out between COP21 and COP22, current status and next steps, the methodological tools developed, as well as the process to join the initiative depending on the type of partner. This focus is meant to be very open and informational: much time will be dedicated to questions from the audience who is expected to provide feedback, comments and critics to help partners improve the initiative.

  • Location: La Cité, Nantes Congress Centre, room KL
  • Date: 27 September, 17.00-18.30pm

Venue: La Cité, Nantes Congress Centre

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