9 July 2014

Call for papers Velo-City 2015 – Nantes (France)

Seville in 2011 and Vienna in 2013, the Velo-City congress will be in Nantes in 2015 from the 2nd to the 5th of June 2015. Nantes metropolitan authority has been selected by the European Cyclist Federation thanks to its long-term involvement in sustainable mobility policy and its willingness to develop bicycle modal share. It is the first time that a city with less than 1 million inhabitants have been selected to host the Velo-City congress.

The general vision of the Velo-City 2015 congress is “Cycling: Future Maker”.

Cycling in intermediate size cities

Nantes, situated at the crossroads of Eurovelo bike routes 6 and 1, is showing an ongoing commitment to its transition to a more sustainable region. The city aims to give prominence to a model for cycling development that can be replicated by many other urban areas of a similar intermediary size. As in many other similar cities around the world, the story behind the growth of cycling in Nantes holds many lessons for medium-sized cities which face a different set of constraints and opportunities than large cities. Here, 30 years of persistent and consistent mobility policies have paid off, resulting in a replicable and successful model for pro-cycling cities.

Facing to francophone Africa

Velo-city 2015 will mobilise and connect cycling communities worldwide with the French speaking countries, particularly in Africa. By choosing France as the host of Velocity 2015, ECF intends to liaise Stakeholders worldwide, partly through the use of the language and culture but also by making the most of existing cooperation programmes between French-speaking countries and the rest of the world. CODATU has been involved in the conference process to contribute to this openness to developing countries and especially african countries.

Create a future inspired by cycling

The motto of the conference – “Cycling: Future Maker” – sends a loud and clear message: cycling will play a key role in influencing the future of our society. The conference will be an open invitation to think, participate, and collaborate to create effective solutions and achieve a true shift in cycling culture.

Call for papers (extension to 19th november!)

A Call for papers has been launched and the submission deadline is the 31th of October 2014 (extension to 19th november!). It is open for decisions makers, academic searchers, experts in cycling policy, NGO, do not hesitate to contribute : More information about the call for paper here.

For more information see Velocity 2015 website !

Velo-city 2015 Nantes-France from Velo-city 2015 on Vimeo.