17 July 2018

An agreement to modernise the bus system of Ouagadougou

A project to modernise the Ouagadougou bus system is set up. The 13th of June, an agreement has been signed between the Burkina
Faso state
, RATP and Scania to concretize this project. The Burkinabé delegation has also been received by Lyon Métropole – with which Ouagadougou has strong links – the SYTRAL and CODATU.

An agreement to support the strengthening of public transport capacities in Ouagadougou

Tuesday 12th of June, Vincent Timbinàdi Dabilgou, Minister of transport, urban mobility and road safety in Burkina Faso, Catherine Guillouard, president of RATP and Christian Levin, vice-president of SCANIA have signed an agreement concerning the modernisation of the Ouagadougou bus system

The aim of this agreement is to support the strengthening of public transport capacities in Ouagadougou. It is a priority since the population of the city growths quickly and will reach more than 6 millions by 2030. Currently, 80% of the Ouagalais use motorise means of transport, often because of an inappropriate offer of public transport.

An ambitious transport planning for Ouagadougou

In order to face up this risk of congestion and environmental issues as a result of it, the President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré included in 2016 the topic of urban mobility as a priority.

The aim of this ambitious plan is to densify the public transport network in Ouagadougou. Firstly by deploying 550 new vehicles on current and future bus lines ; then by developing a hierarchichal multimodal network that will be based on 4 Rapid Bus lines.

RATP and SCANIA, two international groups on this project

For this project, the Burkinabé state chose the expertise of RATP and SCANIA, both CODATU members.

RATP group, that is one of the five main urban transport actor, will bring its international savoir-faire by supporting the assistance of work control (concerning technical, economic and educational focus)

Scania group, through its branch Scania West Africa, will fund the all project (200M€), will give adapted vehicles (460 buses and 90 autocars), and will help at the buses drivers’ formation. The group will also work on the development of alternative fuels with the aim to have 100% biodiesel and biogaz vehicles at term.

Both groups will get involved on behalf of the City Council of Ouagadougou, which is the project owner. This actor will try to develop a Public Transport Authority to support future urban transport projects.

A meeting between the Burkinabé delegation and urban transport actors from Lyon

Once the agreement has been signed, the Burkinabé delegation came to Lyon in order to meet Métropole de Lyon. Both actors work closely together on urban development cooperation for many years. They also met the SYTRAL to discuss about the strengthening of the supply of public transport in Ouagadougou.

Then, the Burkinabé delegation came to the office of CODATU to discuss about a potential involvement of the organisation into the development of a Public Transport Authority in Ouagadougou. Since Scania, RATP and SYTRAL are all of them CODATU members, it may be interesting to integrate CODATU’s expertise on the subject.

Ouagadougou signed the International call for a cities alliance for a sustainable mobility

During the meeting with CODATU, the mayor of Ouagadougou has signed the “International call for a cities alliance for a sustainable mobility”. By joining this call, the signing parties undertake to increase their efforts against climate change with a voluntarist policy of urban mobility.

This call was launch by CODATU in Montreal during the Summit Movin’On (the 1st of June 2018). Its aim is to identify which cities (from the north and the south) will accept to collaborate on the fight against climate change with efforts on the public transport field. The 5th of June 2018, the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, who is also the president of C40, met the president of CODATU Dominique Bussereau to discuss about this subject. She accepted to share this call to Paris’ cities partners. Ouagadougou is now the last member that has join the group.