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Intervention from Lorenza Tomasoni during the Workshop “Sustainable Cities and Territories”

In June 2015, MEDCOP21 brought together in Marseille (France) representatives of National and Local Governments, experts and researchers, citizens and NGOs. More than 2000 participants debated, shared experience and introduced their ideas to make a difference in the fight against climate change.

The Mediterranean Positive Agenda, designed and written with the support of regional partners, and enriched by several contributions from the civil society of the surrounding countries, is a first practical step, acknowledged by the French President and the President of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region.

COP21 starts here” declared the French President Francois Hollande in his opening remarks of the Forum, inviting all of us to continue the efforts that have been undertaken for the international conference in December 2015 in Paris. Mr. Laurent Fabius, french Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, declared while closing the event “We are the first generation to be conscious of the Climate Change and the last one to be able to act against it“.


CODATU actively participated to MEDCOP21 within the framework of various workshops. This contribution brought three solutions to the Positive Agenda, in favor of a sustainable urban mobility. In order to “reinforce solidarity towards sustainable cities and territories” (Challenge #5) and to plan for low-carbon urban mobility systems, CODATU and its partners encourage:AGENDA-POSITIF

  • Solution #6: Generalization of car-free days
  • Solution #19: Extension of the “Sustainable Urban Transport” program
  • Solution #20: “MobiliseYourCity” initiative

To know more about the solutions proposed by CODATU, but also about all the solutions selected under the Mediterranean Positive Agenda, download the document below:

Mediterranean Positive Agenda (last update: November 2015)

CODATU’s contribution to MEDCOP21 will continue under COP21 side-events in Le Bourget and Grand Palais.