16 November 2013

A delegation from Burkina Faso visiting Lyon and Grenoble Transport Authorities

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From 18 to 22 November 2013 CODATU organized in partnership with the African Union of Public Transport ( UATP ) visiting a Burkinabe delegation of members of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport , the Transport Company in Common Ouagadougou , in the municipality of Ouagadougou.

In Ouagadougou , the growth in the number of kilometers traveled by motor vehicle has led to a steadily worsening air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions ( GHG ) . To overcome this situation Burkina Faso has received support from the Global Fund for the Environment to implement a pilot project for modal shift which aims to enhance the efficiency of travel by testing at small-scale measures that encourage people to abandon the individual transport modes in favor of public transport. In this context the mission aims to share experiences with the French Grenoble and Lyon officials , to visit and to appropriate the good construction of infrastructure in France and initiate an exchange program in the medium and long term.

Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 November, the delegation was welcomed by the Transport Authority of Grenoble which presented its organization in the field of mobility and transport, challenges of urban mobility and travel planning in the Grenoble region. Burkinabe delegation will have the opportunity to visit the mobile station and the construction of the E line of the tramway.

From Wednesday 20 to Thursday 22 , the delegation was received by Grand Lyon Lyon, the Planning Agency for the Development of Lyon and SYTRAL . She will discover again the Lyon institutional and policy shifts in urban and multimodal transit network . and the climate of the Greater Lyon plane.

The visit will conclude with a working session with the planning agency for the development of Lyon , familiar issues of mobility in the Burkinabe capital through cooperation activities in the Greater Lyon and the city of Ouagadougou.