27 June 2017

3rd CODATU Photo Competition: “Smart & Sustainable Mobility for Happy Citizens”

& Sustainable Mobility for Happy Citizens”

For the third consecutive year, CODATU offers to amateur photograhers worldwide to sumbit pictures which challenge us to re-think urban mobility and emphasize on the importance of urban transport to ensure a sustainable urban development.

This year, the Photo Competition insists both on:

  • the role of Public Authorities in making citizens “happy” and insure a collective welfare, through Smart and Sustainable mobility tools;
  • Smart mobility as an essential tool for a sustainable development, but also as an element of debate regarding the environmental and health impacts which new technologies can have.

The competition has been launched on June 27th, 2017. Participants will be able to submit their photos until 25th September, 2017 midnight (CET), using the application form (see below).

Winning pictures displayed during UMI-CODATU XVII Conference in Hyderabad (India) in November 2017 !

The vote will be organized online, from September 26th to October 3rd, 2017. An international judging panel will take the final decision and the results will be disclosed between 4th and 6th October 2017. CODATU will take the opportunity of the International Conference UMI-CODATU XVII, to be held in Hyderabad (India) from 4th to 6th November 2017, to display the winning pictures in a central exhibition.

The winner will see its picture exhibited on CODATU website’s home page for one month and will get free entry to the UMI-CODATU XVII conference. CODATU will also partner with cities worldwide and propose them to expose the best photos of the competition in their public transport networks.


  • 1st prize: 500€ + Free entry to CODATU XVII Conference in Hyderabad (India) + Photo album of the 20 best photos of the competition ;
  • 2nd prize: 300€
  • 3rd prize: 150€

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We invite participants to carefully read the following points before participating:

  • Each participant can submit a maximum of 2 photos, with a title of 50 characters maximum and a caption comprising of a description of the photo and the place where it was taken;
  • The files must follow the following charter: Last name – first name -Title.jpg;
  • The pictures shall be sent in JPEG or TIFF format, with a minimum resolution of 30x40cm in 300dpi (3543 x 4724 pixels). The size of the file shall not exceed 20Mo.

The pictures which do not comply with the above rules will not be accepted.

For any question, please contact Ms. Héloïse Chaumier – hchaumier@codatu.org

Participate to the competiton and submit your pictures