1 September 2015

11th Annual Sustainable Transport Award – Nominate a city before 11th September!

days left to nominate a city for the 2016 Sustainable Transport Award !

The Sustainable Transport Award recognizes profound leadership, vision, and achievement in sustainable transportation and urban livability. Established in 2005, the Sustainable Transport Award has been given annually to a city that has implemented innovative sustainable transportation projects in the preceding year. These strategies improve mobility for all residents, reduce transportation greenhouse and air pollution emissions, and improve safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians. Finalists are selected by an international committee of development experts and organizations working on sustainable transport.

Winners of the STA are an elite group of international cities that continue to be leaders in the field. Spanning a range of sizes, these cities prove that through vision, bold leadership, and innovative solutions, cities can become more sustainable, equitable, and livable. The STA focuses attention on these successes, highlighting their achievements and inspiring cities around the world to implement transport solutions of their own.

Nominations will be accepted until Friday, 11 September 2015

Nominees will demonstrate innovation, leadership, and progress advancing sustainable transport, with success implementing projects across four main thematic areas: 1) Public Transport; 2) Cycling & Walking; 3) Travel Demand Management; or 4) Sustainable Urban Development.

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