22 mai 2018

[Publication] « Public Transport Planning, a viable integrated multimodal citywide network », by B.I Singal

« Public
Transport Planning, a viable integrated multimodal citywide network »,

by B.I Singal, Former Director General, IUT India


Congestion, lack of mobility and rising air pollution in our cities are becoming areas of serious concern for all stakeholders: authorities, operators and commuters alike. It is also widely accepted that augmentation of public transport (PT) both in quality and quantity will provide relief. A critical issue in this context is the choice of a particular PT mode for a city. Comprehensive information on various modes, aspects of planning a city-wide PT network and choice of mode is not easily available at one place to students, planners and city officials. This book is an attempt to bridge this gap.

This book is based on authors direct experience in planning, design and implementation of urban transport projects particularly public transport projects in India and abroad, in the overall context of urban mobility. The content of the book is largely at a conceptual level and brings out the finer points in planning. The book is divided into five parts, i.e. modes of public transport, planning a citywide public transport network, planning road-based modes, planning rail transit and other planning issues.

B I SINGAL is the former Director General of the Institute of Urban Transport, India. He has also worked as the Managing Director of RITES. During his stay in RITES he led the team responsible for planning of Delhi Metro rail. Later as advisor to Delhi Government, he planned the multi modal integrated public transport network for Delhi and set up DIMTS Ltd. for planning and implementation.

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