CODATU XVI – Satisfaction questionnaire

CODATU XVI –  Satisfaction questionnaire
Marion Hoyez
Chargée de projets
CODATU News Saturday 7 March 2015

CODATU XVI conference in Istanbul has just ended. In order for us to improve, and to prepare the next conference the best possible way, we would like to get your

We would be grateful if you could spend few minutes to fulfill this questionnaire. Do not hesitate to express yourself more on the areas provided for the purpose.

Thank you in advance!


How would you rate? :

1- Communication
  1. Before the conference: advertisement / dissemination of information
  2. During the conference: display of the sponsors, partners, signposting on site
  3. After the conference: report of the sessions, availability of the presentations online
2- Registration
  1. Simple registration on the website
  2. Registration fees
3- Programme
  1. Organisation of the programme : duration (4 days) / sessions density and duration
  2. Topics adressed : variety / relevance
  3. Variety of participants : politics / companies / researchers / scholars
  4. Quality of the presentations
  5. Variety of the interventions
4- Logistics and on-spot reception
  1. Access to the venue/ venue(University building)/ auditorium/ rooms
  2. Technical equipments available: desk / projection
  3. Reception Team
  4. Food Service / evening at the Embassy
5- Areas for improvement
  1. Did CODATU XVI conference reach your expectations?
6- Next conference (in 2017)
  1. Would you participate ?

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