RDA Green Karst

RDA Green Karst

The Regional Development Agency Green Karst, Ltd. (RDA Green Karst) acts as an institution on the regional level with the aim of enhancing development in all aspects of working and living in the Primorsko-notranjska region. It functions as a regional co-ordinator of interests on the local as well as on the national level in the fields of regional development, economy, human resources, environment and natural resources management, and rural development.

The RDA Green Karst is a non-profit organization, aimed at developing, enhancing and sustaining regional development. It provides development, organizational, technical and professional support for the development of the region through the following services:

  • coordination and communication with the aim of enhancing participation of regional stakeholders,
  • project development and management, including financial management,
  • training for public and private sector,
  • information, communication and promotion activities.

There are two departments within the RDA:

In addition to other activities, the RDA has been actively involved in numerous international projects (INTERREG III A, INTERREG III B, MEDITERAN, and other national and international programmes), funded by the EFRD, ESF etc. This is one of the main focuses for future activities as well.

The RDA Green Karst is a reliable partner with extensive experience in project management, consulting services and regional development. Our staff are dedicated, knowledgeable about various areas of interests and determined to generate changes in our natural and social environment. Therefore we welcome you to contact us with the possibility of creating future partnerships.

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