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ODA is a management and development consultancy specializing in

  • Strategy
    and Organisational Development Advice
  • Institutional, Spatial and Socio-economic change processes

Established in 1999, ODA combines the skills, networks, and knowledge capital of some of Southern Africa’s leading practitioners in the fields of business strategy, institution building, organization development, applied economic development research and urban sector reform.

The company has extensive experience in both private and public sector environments and in working at the public –private interface. Over the last decade we have successfully applied our craft in the following sectors:

  • Passenger Transport
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Management
  • Tourism
  • Forestry and Timber processing
  • Energy
  • Agricultural processing and export
  • Marine Services
  • Public:
    • Education
    • Trade and Industry
    • Public Enterprises and Entities
    • Health
  • Local Government:
    • Metropolitan and Secondary Cities
    • Districts
    • Local Authorities

Over the past decade, ODA has been a leading role player in various aspects of the public sector, local government and urban sector reforms that followed on the democratization of South Africa. ODA is one of South Africa’s leading advisors in local government affairs and brings a unique value offer in respect of urban integration challenges.

ODA operates predominantly in the sub-Saharan region. The ODA Head Office is situated in Cape Town, South Africa, and our Gauteng Projects Office is situated in the City of Tshwane (Pretoria) South Africa.

Our current business operations focus on:

ODA value offer:

We pride ourselves in offering a unique combination of strategic insight with sound home grown methodologies that have been tested and proven to deliver results in a variety of applications. As a result we provide customised solutions through a work style that is action focused, highly consultative and participative.
We respect the rich context -specific contributions of leadership, stakeholders and fellow professionals in the organisations we engage.
We aim to convey a learning experience to our clients through our philosophy of working with our clients as opposed to working for our clients.
We pride ourselves in the rendering of objective and independent advice that supersedes internal pressures and external interference.

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