Iveco Bus

Iveco Bus

is a leader in the design and production of collective passenger transport vehicles.

Iveco’s core business dedicated to the development and manufacture of collective passenger transport vehicles has a long history and established expertise through Iveco Bus. The Iveco Bus production sites are located in Europe in France, the Czech Republic and Italy.

Iveco Bus is the second manufacturer in the European public transport sector, actively working to improve its offer for both public and private transport operators in all markets. The brand guarantees a certified French added value greater than 50% and quality certifications for each operations plant.

The core strengths of Iveco Bus are Sustainability, Technology, Total Cost of Ownership and “High Value”, which guarantees the best trade-off between quality, comfort, style and competitiveness.

Iveco Bus manufactures buses and coaches in two European production facilities: Annonay in France and Vysoke Myto in the Czech Republic. The activities at these superior facilities reinforce the brand’s core strengths, ensure quality for the best possible value and integrate innovative techniques. Both facilities develop vehicles which are adapted to specific client needs and operate according to the high performance standards of World Class Manufacturing.

The Annonay site is specialized in urban buses and tourism coaches, This plant produces more than 1,200 public transport vehicles annually which include the Urbanway and the Magelys Pro.

The Vysoke Myto site is the second largest European manufacturer of automotive and collective passenger transport vehicles. The Crossway LE, Crossway and Arway are manufactured there.

Iveco Bus introduces a full range of all new vehicles with the latest Euro VI technology. This range possesses four key qualities: efficiency, thanks to the new Euro VI HI-eSCR engines, a completely redesigned style identity, which is both appealing and practical, low Total Cost of Ownership, with increased service parts shared across the range and sustainable awareness, with the ability to respond to environmental concerns, financial issues and social commitment.

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