Ubitransport, editor-integrator, which helps territories to control, secure and optimise their public transport networks.

Editor-integrator, Ubitransport helps all territories, even sparsely populated areas, to control, secure and optimise their public transport networks.

For the first time, Ubitransport manages a transport network from a Smartphone and the Cloud.

Its solutions manage bus fleets and tickets by promoting the sharing of information, in real time, between drivers, operators, authorities and users. They are aimed at school, interurban, urban and on-demand transport.

Since 2012, Ubitransport has created a technological breakthrough and a new generation of agile and powerful 100% digital solutions to facilitate daily mobility.

As a pioneer and leader in Connected Intelligent Transport Systems, from start-up to scale-up, Ubitransport’s ambition is to become a global, digital and inclusive player in mobility.

Practical information

25 rue Gambetta
71000 Mâcon
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