Mathieu MARTIN – Sciences Po Rennes, France

Marion HOYEZ – Sciences Po Rennes, France


The field of urban tansport has recently exploded, as more and more people have been shifting from rural to urban areas, creating high mobility issues in most of the cities. Despite a high growth in Indian cities, 70% of the population still lives in rural areas which represents a considerable potential of migration. Cities are unprepared for this, and a lot still needs to be done to provide adapted, smooth and eco-friendly mobility to the commuters.

The interest in urban transport is quite recent. Previously, Indian Railways was the only entity giving an interest in the transportation field. Now, more and more companies, government bodies and NGO dealing with urban transport are being created in India along with specialized centres in Universities in order to train transport planners. The sector is exploding with comprehensive planning set as a new priority. Transport specialists are now not only technicians but also planners who consider urban transport as a whole and emphasize on planning matters rather than technical ones. Hence, notions like inter-modal plans or urban integration are given a new importance.

The aim of this report is to give a representation of the current situation of urban transport in India and to present the main dynamics and the upcoming trends of urban transport. We consider in this overview only urban transport related to people mobility. Thus, national railways, national highways, and freight transport development are not included.