CIOBÎC? and Ionu?-Sorin MITROI – CODATU from Romania, Bucharest


Road safety is one of the major societal issues. The urban sprawl and a public transport that doesn’t fit the mobility needs leads to increase in the private car usage and also to traffic congestion on roads. Nevertheless the accidents are not only linked to the traffic volumes, but also to the design and management aspects of the urban road network or the behaviour of the road users.

In order to assess the urban road safety, a hierarchy of the road network elements is defined and a detailed analysis of the accidents is undertaken. Based on the statistical data, the network elements with low safety performance are analysed in terms of different attributes that influence their performance.

The paper underlines the main problems of the Bucharest urban road network in terms of safety performance, including traffic management and behavioural issues. Based on this analysis, the paper reflects on a set short-term and cost-effective safety improvement measures in order to reduce the number of accidents on the road network.