Bernard Gyergyay – Urban Mobility Consultant – UN-Habitat Urban Mobility Unit

Résumé :

The aim of this paper is to present best practice examples in mobility and employment. First, by providing a background overview on mobility, the urban poor and employment. Second, by presenting 4 best-practice examples from Africa, Asia and Middle East and North Africa, that highlights best-practice solutions solutions of how employment for the urban poor in mobility can be improved, whilst achieving the second objective of improving urban mobility by reducing congestion and providing better public transport options. Third, there will be a summary of the key elements of each best practice example that will be summarised in recommendations to improve employment in mobility. The suggested model supports the recognition of employment in mobility that each city looks into detail, help those element to formalise and finally to ensure that those who are employed also receive a share of ownership so that they can own income generating assets. Further the conclusion highlights that many questions about economic value and other models is not fully understood yet and more needs to be done to improve the job creation aspects in mobility, particularly for the urban youth. This will influence future UN-Habitat and partners policies on this topic to highlight the need to produce clearer guidances on employment for the urban poor within urban mobility projects and can be used as the basis for further normative activities.