[Report] Urban Mobility Forum In Egypt : « Out-Of-Fare-Box » Financing For The Operation Of Metros And Urban Rail

Report presents the conclusions of the Urban Mobility Forum (UMF) in Egypt which was organised the 19th and 20th November 2016 in the framework of the “Sustainable Urban Transport” programme of the Center for Mediterranean Integration of Marseille (CMI) coordinated by AFD (French Development Agency), CODATU and CEREMA. The event was held in partnership with the Euromed RRU project, and the Egyptian Ministry of Transport under the title: Out-of-Fare-Box” Financing for the Operation of Metros and Urban Rail.

Given the Egyptian context and the urgency of addressing the issue of financing urban transport, the UMF has addressed the “out-of-fare-box” financing for the operation of metros and urban rail. Thanks to presentations and debates, many solutions have been defined and most of them where welcomed by the Minister of Transport.

This event allowed to identify some major issues and possible options for developing new financial mechanisms at the national and at the local level in order to fill the gap between revenues and operating costs. Five groups of measures have been identified in order to draft an action plan and assess more in detail their applicability and feasability :

  • Group 1 – Utilization of Metro Assets and Potentials
  • Group 2 – Ticketing and Fare Values
  • Group 3 – Operating Cost
  • Group 4 – Fees and Charges
  • Group 5 – Others

To face urgency, it is essential to define and prioritize realistic and applicable measures. All the measures are applicable to Cairo Metro. Some of them can be also applied to the Egypt National Railways network, the Alexandria future modern tram and with, some adaptation, even to the bus network.

This Report thus combines the views of national stakeholders, policy makers, top level representatives of the Ministry of Transport, representatives of the a number of cities nation-wide, private and public associations and universities, as well as international experts.