Assogba Guézéré – Maître-assistant à l’Université de Kara

Résumé :

The taxi-motor bikes upset the Togolese transport system since nearly 20 years. In Lome as in all the average cities, their appearance marked the beginning of a true unfair competition delivered to the drivers of the shared taxis. In this article, we propose to study the relationship between town-taxis and taxi-motor bikes in Togolese urban and peripheral space starting from the data of three average cities. It will be a question of showing how the drivers of the town-taxis were obliged to reconvert themselves completely in the bush taxis, because of the domination of the networks of the taxi-motor bikes, to adapt to the service road of the small cities and the surrounding villages. From the description of urban spaces, the analysis indicates how the taxi-motor bikes, as from their appearance, adapted all space and became the only Masters of the space. We show the organization and the logic of operation of the networks of bush taxis which are an illustration of their importance in the city-countryside relations.