Jeff Turner – Visiting Lecturer, Institute for Transport Studies (ITS), University of Leeds and Independent Consultant, UK –

Mensah Adzigbey – Independent Consultant / UK

Abstract :

One of the key objectives of equitable transport planning is the delivery of accessibility, that is affordable, available and acceptable (Carruthers et al, 2005). Yet the accessibility needs specific to the urban poor are rarely incorporated in transport planning, a gap that has wider implications in the renewed planning focus that is occurring in cities of Africa, Asia and Latin America. Furthermore where approaches are made the planning practices often rely on expensive data gathering methodologies that are rarely repeated if undertaken at all. This paper will build on work undertaken for UN-HABITAT on developing an Urban Poor Accessibility Assessment Tool that seeks to improve the tools available to key stakeholders, including governments, donors and civil society, to identify the specific accessibility needs of the urban poor that would improve equity of planning outcomes and enhance the ability the urban transport sector to contribute to poverty reduction. It will explore a package of methodological approach to rapid appraisal of accessibility within urban low-income communities, it will examine the scope of new technologies and participatory approaches to deliver user group planning practices and protocols within such communities. It will highlight examples of innovative practice in user group planning and in delivering accessibility for low-income communities and it will recommend future steps for work in this area.