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Types of Twin Size Platform Beds to Consider

You need to buy a twin-size platform bed for your kid’s room. You have no idea which the best option is for them, considering there are multiple types, designs, and styles available. The bed must be crafted with sturdy and durable material and must suit the design of the room. Also, it must go well with the kid’s evolving lifestyle.

High-Rise or Low-Rise Twin Platform Bed

Platform beds are generally known to be close to the ground. However, they do not have a standard height that you should work with. What it means is that they are lower to the ground than the traditional beds. Some will have a ground clearance of three inches, while others will have up to 14. Thus, it is crucial to understand the type you prefer. Cost should not worry you much as it is easy to get a cheap twin platform bed . If it is a high-rise one, it will give plenty of under the bed storage, and if it is not, then there will be no such space. If it is too low to the ground, and the user has mobility issues, this will be a problem. It will be hard to climb in and out of the bed.

Storage Platform Bed

Some of the most common platform beds have storage. For example, if you require a twin size platform bed and the room is small, you may opt for the storage ones. The benefit of these beds is that they come in plenty of designs to suit different requirements. It could be you need extra space for books, magazines, and stationery. Or you prefer space for seasonal clothing and extra bedding. Platform beds with storage will not disappoint. There are always some that will appeal to you whether your preference is drawers, shelves, cubbies, or a combination. Also, they can be placed anywhere, be it on the sides, underneath the platform, on the footboard, or the headboard. If you are concerned about them being too obvious, they can be concealed and fit in flawlessly.

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Floating Platform Bed

Perhaps, you want to create more space in the room. Did you know that a floating platform bed can do the trick? The legs or supports of the bed will not be on the ground but rather hanging from the wall, thus the name. The supports will be invisible, and the best thing is that getting a cheap twin platform bed will not be a challenge. This design increases room placement, and a box spring will still not be required. Even with this design, there are plenty of colors, designs, and styles to choose from. There are no limitations just because it is floating.


There are numerous options when shopping for a platform twin bed. It depends on the requirements. It could be you prefer storage, floating, high or low-rise bed. All you need is to do research, and it is surprising how many options are available in stores.

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