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Why don't home facial equipment work?
While professional beauty product using lasers and high-frequency waves are used in esthetic salons and beauty clinics, there are also home facial equipment that use IPL and other technologies.

However, don't you think that the effect of skin care using a home facial device is completely different from that of receiving treatment at an esthetician or clinic? This is not only due to the difference in energy output.

The main reasons are as follows

Weak energy output compared to professional equipment. This is the root cause.

Light therapy devices using light energy such as laser and IPL, and RF machines using high frequency emit high energy that can damage human tissue.

For this reason, home facial equipment is designed to be safe and does not produce high energy output that can harm the human body.

It is difficult to say, but if we take laser hair removal (optical hair removal) as an example, high output power equals high hair removal effect, so if we output high energy according to the purpose, it is easy to achieve high effect.

This is the reason why there is a difference in the effectiveness of home facial equipment and professional facial equipment used in clinics.

Not using the right equipment for the right symptoms
There are many different types of home facial equipment on the market that claim to eliminate acne, pore problems, wrinkles, and blemishes.

However, the cause of even a single pimple varies from person to person, and the facial device you use may not be the right one for your condition.

In addition, it may be difficult to improve skin conditions such as spots and wrinkles caused by aging with a home facial massager device.

In addition, skin problems can be caused by multiple diseases, so be careful about choosing a facial device based on amateur judgment.

Not introducing the right beauty ingredients for your skin type and symptoms

There are so many cosmetics and beauty ingredients out there, and new ones are being developed every year.It can be a challenge to find the right cosmetics and ingredients for your skin type.

In addition, there are few people who know exactly what their skin type is.The condition of your skin changes with the seasons and your menstrual cycle.

If you have normal skin but call yourself sensitive, you can't expect high beauty effects even if you use a small amount of weak beauty ingredients for sensitive skin.

Basically, cosmetic ingredients do not penetrate the dermal layer.

Basically, cosmetic ingredients cannot reach the dermis layer of the skin.

According to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, cosmetics are "substances intended to be applied to the body by rubbing, spraying, or other similar methods in order to cleanse, beautify, enhance the attractiveness, change the appearance, or maintain the health of the skin or hair, and which have a mild effect on the human body.

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