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 Newsletter #43 April 2017

[News] CODATU's board in Kochi and Hyderabad!

14-18 March 2017

Last month, the board of CODATU visited India to attend the last workshop of the Technical Cooperation in Kochi, introduce the imminent launch of 'MobiliseYourCity' and  continue the preparation of the upcoming UMI-CODATU XVII Conference in Hyderabad.



[Call for Communications] Dialogue sessions of CODATU XVII -UMI Conference

Deadline : 15th May, 2017

As part of its upcoming Conference, CODATU wishes to give a large place to the operational aspects and launches a second Call for Communications (in parallel with the scientific process) open to its members and partners. The communications selected will be presented in Dialogue Sessions organized by CODATU.

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[Call for Applications] Masters in "Transport and Sustainable Mobility" in Rabat

Extension of the deadline for application: 30th April, 2017

The Senghor University, CODATU, INAU and CNAM are launching the first Master degree in "Transport and Sustainable mobility" in Morocco, in order to contribute to the capacity building in the field of Urban Transport in the cities of Maghreb. 

Read the call for applications...  (in French)


[Call for Applications] Masters in "Sustainable Transport and Mobility in African cities" in Lomé, Togo

Deadline extension: 30th April, 2017

For the third consecutive year, CODATU, EAMAU, the University of Senghor and the CNAM are offering a Masters program for young professionals and decision-makers in Africa, to start on October 2nd, 2017.

 Read the call for applications... 


[Report] Webinar on Public Transport Fare Policies in mediterranean cities

11th January, 2017

Organized jointly by CODATU and CMI, the webinar was conceived as an initiative to promote collaborative learning and capacity building, with the Tunisian experience of a transport manager, Mr. Wahid Ben Slimane (TRANSTU), and the vision of a French expert in fare policies, Mr. Pierre-François Nouaille (CEREMA).




[Tunisia] A delegation from Sfax visits Grenoble

 6-10 February 2017

Within the framework of the city-to-city cooperation between SMTC (Public Transport Authority of Grenoble City) and the Governorate of Sfax (Tunisia), a delegation of five members from the Transport Comity has been welcomed by Mr. Yann Mongaburu, President of SMTC, and its team, along with the Mayor of Grenoble.

Read more...(in French)



[Article] "Drifting" as a tool to explore the situation of pedestrians

This article proposes a comparison of the challenges faced by pedestrians in developing countries, through a method called "Urban drift", which consists in stepping into the shoes of a pedestrian and analysing the difficulties he/she faces. A practical exercice has been conducted in Kochi (India).

Read the article...(in French)

Read the practical exercice in Kochi...(in english)


[Article] The terms used to describe Paratransit in Africa

With the article, CODATU wanted to list the various terms used in Africa to name Paratransit. Africa particularly uses a huge variety of terms, which originate either from local terms describing a situation, or terms refering to a person.

Read the article...(in French)



[Job Offer] Project manager - Finance and Administration

Deadline:  30th April, 2017

CODATU is currently looking for a project manager who will be assisting CODATU in the financial and administrative management of the NGO. The project manager would also be in charge of the financial and administrative management of the 'MobiliseYourCity' program.

Read more about the job...(in French)


[Internship Offer] Intership in Lima (Peru), in partnership with IFEA and CODATU

Deadline : 21st April, 2017

The intern will be assisting IFEA (French Institute of Andean Studies) in its research program which consists in analyzing the challenges of the Technical Cooperation between CODATU, AFD, CEREMA and the Peruvian Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC). 

Read more about the job...(in French)



[Video competition] Which future for developing cities?

The french organization 'AdP-Villes en developpement' is launching the first edition of a video competition which aims at highlighting the practices of young professionals, through innovative projects or applied research focusing on the urban development of developing cities.

Read more... (in French)


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