Urban Transport in Tunisia: 2016, the renewal of the national strategy 

Five years after the Tunisian Arab Spring, 2016 will be remembered as a key year for major development projects, especially in the field of transport. This year was marked by the launch of the new five-year development plan (2016-2020). The Tunisia 2020 Conference, which aimed to present this plan to international investors, managed to collect a total amount of 19 billion dinars for investments. At the same time, the Ministry of Transport of Tunisia has started preparing the National Transport Master Plan for 2040 and intends to renew its strategic policy in the long term. It is essential to consider the multiple critical issues in today's society in order to ensure the effective implementation of these plans. Read more        


[REPORT] Webinar : Urban policies for better Mediterranean cities

Organized jointly by CODATU and CMI, this Webinar aimed to emphasize the role of urban mobility in the New Urban Agenda and to strenghten the participation of the Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Transport in the preparation process of the Habitat III Conference. Participants were able to connect via internet and attend from everywhere the interventions of Eric Huybrechts, IAU-IDF International Actions Program Officer, and Salma Mousallem, Un-Habitat Transport in Egypt Program Officer. Read more                   

[REPORT] Urban Mobility Forum In Egypt : « Out-Of-Fare-Box » Financing For The Operation Of Metros And Urban Rail

The Urban Mobility Forum (UMF) in Egypt was organised in the framework of the “Sustainable Urban Transport” programme of the Center for Mediterranean Integration of Marseille (CMI) coordinated by AFD (French Development Agency), CODATU and CEREMA held in partnership with the Euromed RRU project, and the Egyptian Ministry of Transport.

Given the Egyptian context and the urgency of addressing the issue of financing urban transport, this event has addressed the “out-of-fare-box” financing for the operation of metros and urban rail.


The UMF gathered numerous stakeholders involved in the organisation and operation of metro and urban rail in Cairo and professionals from other Egyptian cities in order to discuss “out-of-fare-box” financial mechanisms and come-up with a few applicable and appropriate measures and actions to increase metro and urban rail revenues. Read more                                                             

Call for Expressions of Interest: CODATU seeks experts!


Within several cooperation projects (India, Peru, Tunisia, Egypt, Brazil, etc.) and the implementation of the MobiliseYourCity initiative, CODATU will take part in partner’s call for tenders and would like to identify the experts’ careers to whom address missions’ proposals. CODATU is an association that deals with companies, local authorities and research institutes and has notices that many professionals would be delighted to share their experiences and expertise but lack of suitable framework: through this call of expression of interest, CODATU aims to offer a suitable framework! Read more


Bus stock in traffic, Ahmed Zewail Street,

Photo-credit Sara Abd Alla


According to official figures of the national agency of statics Capmas, about 2.3 million cars circulate in Cairo streets. Despite the ring road, thenumerous motorways and bridges aiming to absorb an increasing number of vehicles, traffic jam persists in the capital city. According to the World Bank, traffic costs to the country almost $ 8 billion in 2011, 4 % of GDP, and it is expected to double by 2030. Read more








Following the increase of the price of gasoline in Egypt, the cost of private transport services is substantially changing. On the one hand, fares for microbuses will increase by 10 to 15% and individual taxis are expected to increase fares too. On the other hand, the Cairo Transport Authority (CTA) announced that bus fares won’t be increased, while the discussion is still ongoing in the Parliament for what concerns the metro.

Read more



11th January, 2017, 12h (Paris time), "Challenges of setting fare policies for public transport in Mediterranean cities”

CODATU and CMI organize in the framework of the Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Transport a webinar on fare policies for public transport in Mediterranean cities. The discussions will allow to analyse the implementation of pricing schemes for users, taking also into account the financial equilibrium needed by operators and the issues of fare integration in contexts where the physical integration of modes is still low. The Webinar will be held in French only. Read more 

[EVENT] 24th – 25th January 2017, ATEC ITS France Congress, Paris, France

The ATEC ITS France Congress 2017, one of the major events of mobility players, is organized by the ATEC ITS France Association on 24th and 25th January 2017 in Paris, at the Beffroi de Montrouge. The event gathers smart mobility and transport actors to present latest innovations, encourage meetings with contractors and decision makers. 

[CALL FOR SPEAKERS] 19 th - 20 th February 2017, National Seminar on the Tramway in Algeria, Algiers

The national seminar, co-organized in Algiers by the ÉPAU, the TheMA laboratory in Dijon and CODATU, will focus on the tramway’s development in Algerian cities. Tramways are spreading in all cities and have become a central issue in the country's political agenda. Read more



Delivering quality municipal services and urban transport with limited fiscal resources remains a key challenge for city governments, one that is becoming ever more acute in the developing world. The last two decades have seen a major change in the global landscape of urban transport finance. Governments should enable the market and private sector to provide urban transport infrastructure and services wherever possible, and focus public funds on those areas that are hard for the market alone to get at. Read more 








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