EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting & Communication Manager

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY: Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting & Communication Manager
Actualité CODATU Vendredi 14 Juin 2019

Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting & Communication Manager

The association

CODATU is a non-profit organisation, regulated by the French law of 1901 and founded during the World Conference on Urban Transport organised in Dakar, Senegal in 1980. The Association’s main objective is to promote the implementation of sustainable urban mobility policies in developing cities and stimulate the exchange of knowledge and know-how through international cooperation, involving all stakeholders from the sector of transport and urban mobility: Public authorities, private entities, research institutes and other professionals of the urban mobility field.

Besides the biannual conferences organised by the Association, CODATU is also involved in Technical Assistances, publications and capacity-building, degrees and trainings aimed at decision-makers from the south, transport experts or students interested in the field of transport and mobility.

The development of the Association’s activities is enabled by a tight collaboration with local and regional authorities, and French partners such as the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity (MTES), the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), and the French Development Agency (AFD). Other technical partners include the French Environment and Energy Agency (ADEME), the French Centre for Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment, Mobility, and Urban Planning (CEREMA) with whom CODATU, via the MobiliseYourCity partnership intends to support the actions against climate change.

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership is a global and inclusive network of cities and countries as well as an umbrella brand of European development cooperation particularly related to the field of sustainable urban transport. The Partnership aims at assisting beneficiary partners – i.e. national and local governments – in their preparation of National Urban Mobility Policies and Investment Programs (NUMPs) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs). It facilitates the establishment of framework conditions for effective investment and sustainable development of urban transport infrastructure & services as well as regulatory soft measures.

Furthermore, the MobiliseYourCity Partnership is a global climate partnership for integrated urban mobility planning in emerging, developing and EU neighborhood countries, and an international transport alliance under the UN Marrakesh Partnership for Global Climate Action. To date the Partnership has over EUR 40 million for technical assistance and counts 11 countries and 42 local governments as Beneficiary Partners, with the aim of increasing membership to 20 countries and 100 cities.

CODATU is one of the founding partners of the MobiliseYourCity partnership and contributes to the implementation of the Secretariat activities by providing human resources. In this context, the Association is seeking to recruit for the Brussels’ office a Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting & Communication Manager, to reinforce the MobiliseYourCity Secretariat team.



Under the overarching coordination of the Secretariat Coordinator, the general tasks are to:

  • Lead the Secretariat’s work on MobiliseYourCity monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER) framework
  • Manage Beneficiary Partner application and approval process
  • Support in the implementation of the communication plan with a specific focus on communicating results


  • Finalizing, maintaining and updating the MOBILISEYOURCITY Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) framework (logical framework, indicators, monitoring process and tools, communication outputs, etc.);
  • Implement the MER framework, including working closely with MobiliseYourCity project managers to collect and consolidate data to report against all impact, outcome and output indicators;
  • Prepare guidance notes for MobiliseYourCity project managers and consultants in how to gather data required for reporting;
  • Support MobiliseYourCity project managers preparing ToRs for MER and evaluating consultant outputs related MER;
  • Prepare communication products (PPT, case studies, impact stories, articles, input for website, twitter), to report on the outputs and impacts of Mobilise Your City;
  • Prepare MobiliseYourCity annual report;
  • Support Beneficiary Partner in preparing the MobiliseYourCity application and lead the process that leads to Steering Committee approval of the applications
  • Assist the Secretariat Coordinator in the overarching reporting about Mobilise Your City partnership and Secretariat operations (e.g. preparation of periodical reports, processing of information etc.)

Requirements on candidates

The incumbent shall be an experienced project manager and results monitoring/ reporting specialist; subject-matter experience in urban transport would be an asset:

  • Academic degree;
  • Preferably at least 7 years work experience with at least 5 years related to MER and communicating results
  • Experiences and technical background in the field of transport and urban mobility;
  • Proven experience in monitoring & evaluation of results, reporting, process management, preferably in the context of development cooperation
  • Experiences with contract and reporting requirements connected to assignments of the European Commission would be an asset
  • Ability to understand the complex MobiliseYourCity partner setting and different interests / their institutional success factors
  • Sound communication and writing skills in the English and French language (speaking and writing);
  • Languages: English and French is a must; basic Spanish is a must, more advanced level is an asset
  • Working experience in emerging or developing countries is an asset
  • IT: CMS skills strongly preferred to update content on website

Contract specification

Type of contract: temporary (CDD) – 18 months – Full time

Salary: 44 K € to 48 K € according to prospect’s profile

Location: Brussels

Foreseen start of assignment: September 1st, 2019

Applications to be sent to the following email address: [email protected] with the subject: “MER and Communication Manager MOBILISEYOURCITY”

Deadline to submit applications: July 19th, 2019

Partenaires associés

MobiliseYourCity Partnership

Initiated by CODATU, MobiliseYourCity supports local governments in developing countries to plan sustainable urban mobility in order to develop more inclusive, liveable and economically efficient cities and reduce GHG emissions.

100 cities and 20 national governments will be engaged in deep transformational actions through the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) supported by National Sustainable Urban Mobility Policies and Programmes (NUMP). MobiliseYourCity aims to assist cities in their efforts to cut at least 50% of their urban transport related emissions by 2050 compared to business as usual.

With the support of a coalition of international partners (development agencies, urban and transport planning agencies, NGOs and development banks), MobiliseYourCity provides a methodological framework, capacity building and technical assistance, and facilitates access to financing at both local and national levels. The partnership will set up an international reference platform to share best practices about sustainable urban mobility planning and implementation of SUMPs and NUMPs.

Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD) agit depuis soixante-dix ans pour lutter contre la pauvreté et  favoriser le développement dans les pays du Sud et dans l’Outre-mer. Au moyen de subventions, de prêts, de fonds de garantie ou de contrats de désendettement et de développement, elle finance des projets, des programmes et des études et accompagne ses partenaires du Sud dans le renforcement de leurs capacités.

Les transports constituent un secteur d’intervention traditionnel de l’AFD. Sur la période 2001-2005, l’Agence a mobilisé environ 164 M€ par an en moyenne pour la mise en œuvre de projets dans le secteur des transports (en incluant les projets de développement rural et urbain comportant des activités de transport).