CODATU is hiring – Outreach and Partner Services Manager – Brussels, Belgium

CODATU News Tuesday 7 January 2020

Location: Global Secretariat of the MobiliseYourCity Partnership
Rue Archimède, 61
1000 Brussels
Occasional international travel is required
Start: January 2020
Duration: 18 months
Contract: Limited term employment contract with CODATU
Salary: Annual gross salary 42 000 € – 46 000 € over 13 months, depending on experience and type of contract (Long term consultancy possible)

MobiliseYourCity Partnership

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership is a leading global Partnership for systemic and transformative urban mobility planning, facilitating investments and linking local action with the global sustainability agenda (Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement).

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership is supported by the European Commission, the French Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition (MTES), the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMU), which are working in collaboration to enable positive global transformation.

The MobiliseYourCity Partnership is pursuing the decarbonisation of transport to fight the global climate crisis as main objective. To reach this goal, the Partnership is collectively working to empower cities, by giving them the methodologies and tools to improve mobility allowing them to create happier, safer, and sustainable urban spaces.

Since 2015 Partnership has gathered a network of 61 partner cities and 13 partner countries, which are being supported by 10 implementing and knowledge partners led by AFD and GIZ. City and country partners are supported through two main planning and project preparation tools: National Urban Mobility Policies and/or Programs (NUMP) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP), which serve as the basis for the promotion of investments and development of attractive mobility services. The Partnership also MobiliseYourCity acts as a platform for financing by connecting international and bilateral technical & financial agencies with cities and countries across the world that have ambitious goals to decarbonise and improve their urban transport. The ambition of the partnership is to work with 100 cities and 20 countries.

Since February 2017, the MobiliseYourCity Secretariat works in Brussels to coordinate the Partnership’s activities, including communication, monitoring and reporting, partnership management, fundraising and consolidating technical expertise. The secretariat also organizes biannual Steering Committee meetings, which brings together all the partners and decides on the main orientations of the Partnership.

The secretariat is designed as a team of 6 person.

  • Coordinator of the partnership;
  • Technical advisor;
  • Monitoring and evaluation specialist;
  • Outreach & Partner Services (recruitment ongoing)
  • Communication officer (half-time, recruitment ongoing);
  • Intern, assistant to the coordinator (recruitment ongoing).


CODATU was born out of the World Conference on Urban Transport, held in Dakar, Senegal, in 1980. Its objective is to promote sustainable urban mobility in developing cities through international exchanges between the various actors in the transport and urban mobility sector: public authorities, companies, research institutes and urban transport professionals.

In addition to international conferences organized every two years, CODATU provides technical assistance (currently with staff in Peru, Brazil, Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt, India), training for current or future decision-makers (Master II of Lomé and Rabat), publishes books on topics related to urban mobility in developing countries, and participates in the Brussels secretariat of the MobiliseYourCity programme. It develops its activities by relying on the external action of local authorities and in collaboration with its French partners – Ministries and National Agencies (French Development Agency, ADEME, CEREMA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, etc.), local authorities and networks of local authorities (GART, CUF, FNAU, etc.) and international (GIZ, World Bank, SLoCaT, WCTRS, etc.).

Job description


Under the overarching coordination of the Secretariat Coordinator, the general tasks are to:

  •  manage the growth of the membership and provide services to existing member cities and countries
  • coordinate with implementers to ensure effective and efficient delivery
  • manage events and support communication

Partner Services

  •  Oversee the application process of potential partner cities and countries, supporting the screening and submission of nominations to the steering committee
  • Link partner cities and countries to relevant services, funding opportunities and events offered by other organizations, involved in the transport and urban development sectors, particularly MobiliseYourCity partners.


  •  Coordinate with local and regional officers who are responsible for the preparation of SUMPs and NUMPs to maintain a project implementation status, relay requests from the field, and identify issues and decisions to be validated by or shared with the Steering Committee
  • Develop networks and synergies between the members of the MobiliseYourCity Partnership
  • Analyze actors involved in sustainable urban mobility and climate change issues at regional, national and local level in the MobiliseYourCity areas
  • Prepare and share syntheses of SUMPs and NUMPs to potential implementation or funding partners

Communication and Event Management

  •  Support the further development and implementation of the communication strategy for the MobiliseYourCity Partnership
  • Supports city and country partners in leveraging membership for increased visibility and action by writing press releases for local, national and international press, for example when members join MobiliseYourCity
  • Organize events, including content development, logistics, budgeting, managing subcontractors, etc., with a view to increasing the Partnership’s visibility and to disseminate lessons learned and achievements of the Partnership
  • Support in advocating for the decarbonizing transport to international climate and transport actors by preparing strategic notes, represent the partnership at events, help identify and connect with MobiliseYourCity « ambassadors »
  • Coordination and contribution to the development of the new MobiliseYourCity website.


  • Master’s degree in a relevant qualification
  • Minimum 5years of professional experience in urban mobility, urban development or international cooperation
  • Full working proficiency in English and French is required. Spanish is highly desirable.
  • Excellent communication skills both oral and written.
  • International work experience is an asse


Please send your Resume and Cover Letter to [email protected] before Friday the 31th of January 2020.

Partenaires associés

MobiliseYourCity Partnership

Initiated by CODATU, MobiliseYourCity supports local governments in developing countries to plan sustainable urban mobility in order to develop more inclusive, liveable and economically efficient cities and reduce GHG emissions.

100 cities and 20 national governments will be engaged in deep transformational actions through the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP) supported by National Sustainable Urban Mobility Policies and Programmes (NUMP). MobiliseYourCity aims to assist cities in their efforts to cut at least 50% of their urban transport related emissions by 2050 compared to business as usual.

With the support of a coalition of international partners (development agencies, urban and transport planning agencies, NGOs and development banks), MobiliseYourCity provides a methodological framework, capacity building and technical assistance, and facilitates access to financing at both local and national levels. The partnership will set up an international reference platform to share best practices about sustainable urban mobility planning and implementation of SUMPs and NUMPs.